The Wedding Party

Rachel Henderson


Flash back to over 20 years ago I met Rachel in girl scouts. The start of our friendship was pretty much both of us bullying each other, so you could basically say we were sisters from the start. We’ve been through elementary school all the way to being roommates in college spending half our time in the library and the other half raising puppies together. I couldn’t ask for a better Maid of Honor and Best Friend.

Ryan Coleman


From the days of pretending we were in the WWE (throwing each other through boxes as if they were tables), to fighting our fellow classmates, and each other, over Gears of War, Ryan and I have always been easy to sum up in one word: Brothers. Brothers beyond just the heritage and blood we share. But Ryan is my best friend who has always been a big part of my life. I am beyond blessed to have my brother stand next to me, as my best man in my wedding.

Sara Bomar


My little sister is a cat loving, adventure seeking , and artistic individual. She’s been the best sissy I could ask for, and I couldn’t have gotten through my childhood without her. She helped me form an entire “guard” squad, and was the best at building Berry Bear and Polly Pocket fams together. Even though she’s miles away I will always love her, and I am so glad she will be apart of my special day.

Luigi Orozco


Luigi and I met in middle school. We were two different people from completely different backgrounds but shared a ton in common when it came to food (pizza rolls), video games, and movies. Me and Luigi have been through everything together. His family took me in as one of their own. And my family looks at him as a legit brother. Without Luigi, I would not be where i am today. Our friendship is proof that brotherhood is one of the most important things to have in life.

Megan Winters


Megan has been one of my best friends since high school. She is the best friend you need after a breakup, who will blast every good breakup song ever made and make you laugh your problems away. She is also the mother of the two little twins in the wedding; Sutton, one of my little flower girls and Sawyer, my ring bearer.

Eric Palma


Jesus. What can I say here that won’t get us in trouble. On a serious note, Eric is the most loyal person I know. Whenever any of his friends need help, Eric is always the first person to step up to the plate. When I was in school, Eric was a huge reason I was able to get through it all and I owe him for life for that. Eric and I have helped each other build a life that is now heading in the right direction for us. We have had some crazy moments that have lead to this point, but I couldn’t ask for a better person to be by my side through it all.

Emily Coleman


Emily is Cole’s little sister, and now my soon to be sister. I remember telling her before I was even engaged that I wanted her to be my bridesmaid if we ever did get married. She’s so much fun, and I’m so excited to become apart of their family, and have Emily is my sister.

Dalton Coleman


There is no other person in the world I am happier to share the name Coleman with than my little brother Dalton (well I shouldn’t say little anymore since he stands a whole foot taller than me). Ever since we were little kids making comedy skits on the camera, Dalton has been an important part of my life. Its an honor to have my little brother next to me as I get married. Oh, and one day, I swear I will buy you a new hat or an unused gift card. Thanks for being patient.

Alicia Zamora


Alicia has been one of my best friends since high school. We met at a bonfire and have shared so many good memories ever since. All the way from going on a double date to prom, to sitting at Starbucks looking at wedding magazines for hours. It was so exciting to be apart of her special day getting married and now I’m happy to have her as apart of mine.

Jason Escudero


I will never forget when Jason moved in with me and Eric. He came down from Vegas and slept on our kitchen floor for months while we saved up money to rent a house. To see him come up from that kitchen floor to now running a successful division at Concentric, it makes me respect him so much for what he has been able to accomplish. Jason and I do pretty much everything together these days. He has always been there for me so its an honor to have him be apart of this wedding.

Rechel Davey


Rachel is the sweetest person I know. I feel so lucky to be friends with her. We first met in college, where we were both pursing our nursing careers. We were roommates and good friends. Now we are both apart of each others wedding, and graduated as nurses. I’m so excited for her and happy to say she will be the cute little prego bridesmaid 🙂 !!

Hanke Hanks


Hanke is one of a kind. If you know Hanke, you know what I mean. Its really hard to find good, fun loving people these days but Hanke has been THE person to show me a good time, no matter what we do. Its amazing how quick someone can enter your life and automatically become a brother, and that is what Hanke has become to me. He motivates me to succeed and pushes me to make things happen. I could not ask for a better friend to accompany me when I get married.

Laughlin Drake


Laughlin and I became friends in middle school. She is one of the funniest people I know. We played volleyball together, had sleepovers, passed back and forth a rasin we didn’t want for about 10 years (LOL), and I was also apart of her wedding before she took her two year adventure half way around the world with her husband Ryan.

Shane Conley


Shane has been in my life longer than anyone else on this entire list. He has been my best friend BEFORE we were even one year old. The things we have been through together would give us enough material to create a movie. Shane has always been a brother to me and I will forever be grateful for the friendship we have maintained for almost three decades. I look forward to having him along my side me at the wedding, and I look forward to the many more decades of friendship to come.

Sara Dewitt-Dunn


Sara Wara Bara was my neighbor all throughout my childhood. We would literally yell at each other from our houses on the hills, go sledding together, play “no breaks” down our driveways on bikes and skateboards, and be inspired by a little glowy we found. She has also been there from the beginning and I’m so excited to have her in this chapter of my life.

Aaron Vaita


I met Aaron at a sushi bar we worked at when I first moved out to Arizona. We both were in a weird place in our lives but as I hung out with Aaron, on almost a daily basis, I realized how great of a person he was. Aaron is truly a genuine person who helped me grow up and become the man I am today. Not only did he help me mature, he changed the entire course of my life by giving me a chance and hiring me at Concentric. Aaron will always be a brother to me and I can’t wait to celebrate with him at the wedding.

Sutton Jean Winters


Sutton is one of our adorable little flower girls. She Sawyer’s twin sister, and Megan’s daughter. She has the cutest little attitude and I’m so happy to have her little self be apart of our wedding. 🙂

Sawyer Tyler Winters


Sawyer is the sweetest little boy I know. He is Sutton’s twin brother, and Megan’s son. His favorite movie of all time is Moana, and he loves to squeal on the phone whenever I’m talking to megan (lol). I am so happy to have his little sweet face be apart of my wedding.

Katia Orozco


Katia is Cole’s god daughter, and the daughter of his best friend, Luigi. She is the most adorable and loving little girl, and we are so happy to have her be apart of our wedding.

Winston Sebastian


I will never forget the day Winston was born, Cole and I had only been dating a couple months, but he was just as excited for his birth as I was. It was midnight on a Friday and Cole was out with his friends. As soon as I called him he left frantically to get there for Winston and his brother’s arrival. It was in that moment I knew Cole was a keeper. Winston is now our best friend. A chicken loving, toy squeaking, hopping little bundle of joy.