We’re getting married!

November 1st, 2019 – Mesa, AZ

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How We Met

Almost six years ago, on July 26th, 2013 we both decided to hang out with friends on Mill Ave. Cole was in college and had moved to Arizona from Texas. Heather was about to start nursing school and was celebrating one of her close friend’s graduation celebrations.

There was a bar on the corner of Mill Avenue, called Firehouse. Neither Heather or Cole had ever been there before, but somehow (in the least likely place) fate brought them there that night.

We both caught each other’s eye but neither of us had the courage to go up to one another. Our two groups started combining. Cole ended up finally approaching Heather and asked her a question that would forever change his life… “Would you like to take a shot with me”. Heather was hesitant at first, wondering if he was just another “annoying guy at the bar”, but ultimately decided to give it a shot (no pun intended). What Cole didn’t tell Heather until much later in life was that he over-drafted buying her that shot (which was worth every fee and penalty).

As the night went on, Cole and Heather started talking and getting know each other. The conversation started with dogs, made its way to Heather’s dream of becoming a nurse and Cole’s story of how he wound up in Arizona. Then, out of the loud speakers within the bar, the song “Wobble” came on and everyone in the place started doing the dance. Cole had just gotten back from a cruise in which he learned how to Wobble, and thought maybe he could win her over by asking her the second most life changing question “do you wanna wabble?” It was the first of many moments to come that Cole made Heather laugh, and in that moment she knew she had no regret with taking that “shot” with him. It was probably the whitest looking thing on Mill that night but they laughed and laughed and continued to talk and get to know each other. As the night came to an end, Cole asked Heather for her number. She gave it to him. And even though he had been told he needed to wait three days to text back, he couldn’t. Not an hour later Cole texted Heather letting her know he was pleased to have met her that night (and praying to god the number wasn’t fake). Within 5 min, Heather texted back the same and they set up a date that would change their lives forever.

The Proposal

Flash forward five years to August 25th, 2018. Cole had been planning his proposal to Heather for months and finally picked out the perfect ring that he wanted to give her. He had promised Heather all summer that they would go on a family trip with their son, Winnie, and decided to pop the question after they organized a vacation to San Diego.

The day started like any other for Heather as she put sun screen on and got Winnie’s vest and leash together to take him to Dog Beach. For Cole though, he was more nervous than any other time in his life. It didn’t help that he wasn’t sure how to hide the big box as they walked to Dog Beach in swimsuits. Now if anyone knows Heather, then they understand how much she loves puppies and why Cole decided that this beach would be the perfect place to ask her to be his bride! He couldn’t imagine a better scenario than him, Heather, and Winston becoming an official family while being surrounded with water and Heather’s favorite animal.

As the day progressed, and Winnie had made about 100 laps during fetch, Cole was sitting on his towel next to Heather trying to figure out when to propose. The nerves were skyrocketing with every minute that went by, and he couldn’t decide when to just do it. Finally, after an hour of hyping himself up to make the proposal, he told Heather and Winnie to come over and look at something he had found in the sand. When Heather came up to the area they had been relaxing in, Winnie decided to keep hopping around in order to get his ball out of Heather’s hand. But Cole had decided this was the moment. Nothing was going to stop him from asking his best friend to be his wife, not even a dirt covered spazzy pup, hopping all over the place. As Heather was laughing at Winnie and his frantic movements, Cole grabbed Heather by the hand and said “Heather… will you marry me”. Heather was in immediate disbelief and thought Cole was messing around with her. After asking if he was serious for 5 straight minutes, it finally sunk in and she jumped on him saying yes. As they both kissed and laughed at the awesome moment, Winnie jumped into their arms and made everything feel so complete.


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